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Ebel Swiss Watch History

Ebel watches was founded by Eugene Blum & his wife Alice Levy in La Chaux-de-Fonds on July 15,1911.  La Chaux-de- Fonds is known as the historic birthplace of the watch making industry. The company name EBEL is an acronym of fonders names Eugene Blum Et Levy... (continued below)

Ebel Beluga Round Swiss watches Ebel Beluga Round Swiss watches
Ebel Brasilia Swiss watches Ebel Brasilia Swiss watches
Ebel Discovery Swiss Watches Ebel Discovery Swiss Watches


Ebel Discovery Swiss Watches

Ebel Classic Sport Swiss watches Ebel Classic Sport Swiss watches
Ebel Wave Swiss watches Ebel Wave Swiss watches
Ebel 1911 Swiss Watches Ebel 1911 Swiss Watches


Ebel 1911 Swiss Watches

The company’s very first watch was release in 1912. Charles Eugene in collaboration with watchmaker Marcel Reuche introduced infallible production control systems, which guaranteed irreproachable quality. The company immediately attracted demanding client. Ebel went into watch production for the British Royal Air force between the years of 1939-1945. In 1971 Pierre-Alain Blum, grandson of the Blums took over the business and renewed Ebel collections and kept the company growing By 1999 Ebel luxury watches were being sold to French luxury group LVMH, in 2004 resold to the American group Movado. The ranges currently include Classic Wave, Sport classic, Tarawa, Brasilia, Sportwave, 1911 BTR and Beluga.

Ebel Swiss Breakthroughs & Releases

Ebel was also the first watch company to set up the Western Electric precision evaluation system. Ebel is also well known for creating the Videomatic watch, including one of the first retort automatic movements. Charles-Eugène Blum celebrated the firms 50th anniversary with the PRESIDENT model and EBEL caliber 059 with a winding crown that turned backwards.

Ebel Swiss Awards

Ebel has a reputation for luxury & elegance while always producing a cutting edge design. It is no surprise that Ebel is known as the architect of the Swiss watch manufacturing industry. In 1913, only two years following Ebels very first watch release, the company won Gold medal at the National Exhibition in Bern for patented EBEL ring watches with lever escapement and hidden time setting. Architecture and art have been core inspirations for the Ebel, creating only the very best while preserving beauty. In 1964 Ebel won first prize at Swiss National Exhibition for the Lune Etoilee in the jewel watch category.




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