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Mühle-Glashütte was founded in 1994 by Hans-Jürgen Mühle, father of the current CEO Thilo Mühle. In total, the family can look back on a more than 140-year history in Glashütte. Because the roots of the family business dates back five generations - from the year 1869, when Robert Mühle founded his own company in Glashütte, manufacturing precision measuring instruments for the local watch industry and watchmaker school.

Mühle-Glashütte focuses on providing the market with high-quality steel watches with a regal design that is timeless and sober without comparison.

M1-40-78-NB Muhle Glashutte Panova Red
M1-40-78-NB Muhle Glashutte Panova Red

Retail $1199 - 25% off

M1-25-34-CB Muhle Glashutte 29ER
M1-25-34-CB Muhle Glasutte 29ER DAY/DATE

Retail $1999- 25% off

M1-44-05-LB Muhle-Glashutte Teutonia IV Moon Phase

Retail $2899- 25% off

M1-42-25-NB Muhle-Glashutte ProMare Lady

Retail $2299- 25% off

M1-41-83-CB Muhle-Glashutte Sea-Timer Blackmotion

Retail $2799- 25% off

M1-29-74-LB Muhle-Glashutte Teutonia Sport II

Retail $2849- 25% off

M1-25-72-LB Muhle-Glashutte 29ER Casual

Retail $2199- 25% off

M1-25-32-CB Muhle-Glashutte 29ER Zeigerdatum

Retail $1999- 25% off

M1-25-31-LB Mühle-Glashütte 29ER Big

Retail $1899- 25% off