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Mido Watches History

Mido is a Latin word that translates to the word "measuring." Mido watches were born 96 years ago in 1918 on Nov 11 by George G. Schaeren in Biel Switzerland...(continued below)

Mido All Dial Swiss watches Mido All Dial Swiss watches

All Dial

Mido All Dial Swiss watches

Mido Baroncelli Swiss watches Mido Baroncelli Swiss watches


Mido Baroncelli Swiss watches

Mido Belluna Swiss watches Mido Belluna Swiss watches


Mido Belluna Swiss watches

Mido Commander Swiss watches Mido Commander Swiss watches


Mido Commander Swiss watches

Mido Dorada Swiss watches Mido Dorada Swiss watches


Mido Dorada Swiss watches

Mido Football Swiss Watches Mido Football Swiss Watches


Mido Football Swiss Watches

Mido Multifort Swiss watches Mido Multifort Swiss watches



Mido Multifort Swiss watches

Mido Multifort Chronometer Swiss Watches Mido¬†Multifort Chronometer Swiss Watches

Multifort Chronometer

Mido Multifort Chronometer Swiss Watches

Mido Ocean Star Captain Swiss watches Mido Ocean Star Captain Swiss watches

Ocean Star

Mido Ocean Star Swiss watches

Mido Rainflower Swiss Watches Mido Rainflower Swiss Watches


Mido Rainflower Swiss Watches

Since the beginning, Mido watches has been known for its technical innovations and designs which are timeless. In 1920, the decade wherein MIdo watches was focused on design, created the famous car radiator watch. The next decade saw the emeregence of MIdo watches as they launched the first anti-magnetic, water resistant, anti-choc and self winding watch. Mido also created milestones such as the first unbreakable springs, first center chronograph, world's most powerful winding mechanism and the world's smallest ladies watch.

In 1934, Mido watches introduced the Multi-fort model, the first watch in the market to have a self-winding movement. This major milestone of Mido watches. The watch was also water resistant, anti magnetic and shock resistant - all groundbreaking a first for the watch industry. On the same year, Mido watches produced another first which was the introduction of unbreakable springs. This was the first time that any watch company introduced springs of such in the market.

Mido Watches Pilot and Single Shell watches

In 1940, Walter, the son of the owner, a pilot in the Swiss Air Force, and later president of Mido, desiged watches for pilots. It was the decade where MIdo watches launched the famous pilot watch, the Multi Center Chronograph.

Mido watches introduced the invention of the Powerwind system and the launch of the "Commander" in 1959. This was a single shell watch, a first in the market. This single shell case Mido watch revolutionized the industry and improved the lifespan of watches significantly. The Mido watch Commander is among the most recognized watches and comes in various individual models.

Mido Watches Achievements and Awards

In 1960, Mido watches produced the world's smallest automatic watch and was sold to 111 countries. In the 1970's, Mido watches were given a 2nd place award from the Swiss Watch insustry for producing almost 30,000 officially certified chronometer movements in one year.

Mido Watches Firsts

In the 1990's, Mido watches came out with the Worldtimer. This watch could show any time in any part of the world with a press of the crown. They also introduced the Mido watch Bodyguard with an alarm. It had a button that activated a very loud alarm. This watch contains a personal attack alarm which emits a piercing sound in excess of 100 decibels.

With so many firsts in history, Mido watches have proven to be in the forefront of advancing the watch industry with its timeless designs, innovation and functionality.




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