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Movado Watches History

Movado is one of the oldest prestigious watch company whose name signifies "always in motion" in Esperanto. Achilles Ditesheim, 19 years old, an entrepreneur founded and started his journey with Movado Watch Company in 1881 in Switzerland. The company has become one of the worlds leaders in wristwatches design and innovation. (continued below)

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His expedition with six other watchmakers later went onto become a leading brand in watch manufacturing. In 1912, Movado revolutionized the world of watch industry with its patent polyplan design. It was recognized because of its construction on three planes to fit in the curved case.

Movado Watches Milestones

Movado Digital Watch launched in 1930 marked a time of change in the world of watches with their unique. In 1947, Nathan George Horwitt produced the Movado Museum Watch appropriately defined by a single dot at 12 represents the sun at high noon not only takes over the market but was believed to an icon of modernism. Movado Watch is revisiting its splendid past by introducing new and innovative designer watches that are always hunted by its admirers. Movado watches are appropriate for gifts and special occasions, any women or men would be proud to envelop his/her wrist with it.

Movado Watches Awards

Movado won awards at exopsitions in Geneva, Brussels and Paris. Movado has received over 200 awards and has 100 patents under its belt most of which was for its design. Movado was recognized by its peers and helped propel them as an international brand. By 1920, Movado was producing more than 700 wristwatch models.

Movado Watches Milestones

In 1927 Movado watches created a self winding pocket watch which was innovative during the time as the mechansim was designed to wind every time it was slid in and out of its case.

At the end of the second World War, Movado watches introduced the first automatic watch. It was named the Tempomatic and became an international bestseller. Ten years later, Movado introduced a more rugged version of the original and called it the Movado Kingmatic.  It was a worlwide hit in the 1950's and 1960's

In 1969, the Movado museum watch was judged as an iconic design and was selected to be displayed in the collection of the Musem of Modern Art in New York. 

Movado Watches Success in Advertising

Like many tradiitonal Swiss made watches, the market share of Movado declined with the advent of the quartz watch during the 1970's. The cheaper and more accurate battery powered watches appealed to consumers who could not afford luxury brands like the Movado. In 1977, the Movado company spent $1.4 million on advertising and by 1980 was spending $6 million annually. Movado was ssen more on televisions compared to print ads.

In 1988, Movado opened its first stand alone store on Madison Ave in New York City.

Movado Watches International Expansion

In the early 1990's Movado continued to promote its watches heavily through advertising.  They rolled out plans to expand their market to include Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Sales climbed steeply from $161 million in 1995 to $237 million in 1998. The company's strategy for the future was targeted into reaching farther into the international markets and by 1998, 17 percent of Movado sales were from international sales.

Presently, Movado watches particularly the museum collection and design, has created a huge impact in the world and has left its mark and influence in the world of watches. 


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