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Wittnauer Swiss Watch

Wittnauer Watch Unconventional History

The Swiss Wittnauer Watch Company has an unconventional and original history.

In 1890, Eugene Robert an importer of fine Swiss watches formally establishes a company in the name of the A. Wittnauer Company. This budding business of watch making was run by the family members. The Wittnauer company believed in the philosophy of designing the watches with all the durability and new functions in accordance to the American public demands. Albert Wittnauer employs only the best and most talented watchmakers and focuses their development catering to the world of exploration. Wittnauer watches are found on trips by astronomers, explorers and navigators. Albert Wittnauer and his brothers started their operations 20 years before its establishment in 1890.

Wittnauer's company headquarters were in New York in the jewerly and watch making area. Their staff included Ferdinand  Haschka, who later became the head watchmaker for Tiffany & Co and Charles Johns, creator of thje perpetual calendar chronometer that was shown at the World's Fair in 1939.

Wittnauer Watches and Aviation

In 1907, Wittnauer history unfolds when two watches are used by the US Navy in its aviation tests. No other watch company would ever be so closely linked to the study of aviation. Almost all famous pioneering aviators would use a Wittnauer timepiece for their research. Wittnauer has further developed naviagational timepieces for the US Military and is played a vital part in US military history.

Wittnauer Watches Milestones

Wittnauer creates the world's first "All Proof" watch in 1918. It is water and shock proof, anti magnetic watch and has been to the edges of the Amazon river, to the peaks of Himalayas and the Andes, dropped from an airplane and the Empire State Building. Wittanuer would eventually be the preferred choice of US military personnel in World War II.

Wittnauer Watches the Preferred Choice

Throughout the years, Wittnauer watches were the preferred choice for the U.S. military, explorers and astronomers. Famous aviators such as Amelia Earhart, Wiley Post and Charles Levine all set flight records using Wittnauer timepieces as part of their equipment during flight. Soldiers of the U.S.military preferred to use Wittnauer watches during the war. In World War II, fleeing watchamkers from Europe were given jobs at Wittanuer to manufacture laboratory timers and compasses to help in the war effort.

The U.S. Olympic Committee has designated Wittnauer to be their official timekeepers. The first radio network in the United States, the National Broadcasting Company relied on Wittnauer timepieces for timing their broadcasts.  

Wittnauer Watches Part of US History

For over 100 years, Wittanuer has been part of United States history and have been innovators of the watchmaking industry. The Wittnauer Company with its novel design and technological superiority, develop prestigious timepieces that are always at the cutting edge of accuracy, consistency and style. This made every pioneer aviator in the early twentieth century started wearing A. Wittnauer Company watches . The Wittnauer Company has possessed its reputation for preeminent timepieces and is still a major market holder on the watch making scene and is now part of the Bulova family.

In 2001, Wittanuer returns to its birthplace, 31 years later, in its prime New York location.