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Bulova Watches Brief History

A New York based corporation making watches and clocks, Bulova was founded by Joseph Bulova in 1857. Bulova marked its beginning with a small jewelry store in New York City has now evolve into today's distinguished watch and clock companies. Before World War I, they manufactured only pocket watches and desk clocks but later convenient wristwatches were issued to military officials... (continued below)

In 1919, Bulova introduced the first line of wristwatches. In 1923, the brand name Bulova Watch Company, Inc. is offiically regsitered. Bulova streamlines their manufacturing process and introduces a new concept in the watch industry by applying total standardization of parts. Each part of a Bulova watch is made with microscopic precision and would be interchangeable to the same part in any other Bulova watch. This revolutionizes the servicing aspect of the watch industry. 1927 also saw the year wherein Bulova Watch Company goes public and is listed on the American Stock Exchange. In 1941, a sailor lost his Bulova watch at sea and was found 67 years later in 2008. The Bulova watch still works today, a testament on its durability.

Bulova Watches Major Achievments

In honor of Charles Lindbergh transatlantic solo flight from New York to Paris, Bulova produces the Lone Eagle watch and was packaged with pictures of Lindbergh. 5000 pieces were manufactured was sold out in three days. In the next few years, Bulova sells nearly 50,000 of these commemorative watches. Bulova introduced the first clock radio in 1928 and produced the first true electronic watch, the Bulova Accutron. Bulova made history as the first watch company to spend over 1 million dollars in advertising.

The Bulova company grew and soon was a household name. Bulova timepieces can be found everywhere from inside Air Force One to the U.S. Olympic Team both providing reliable and accurate timekeeping.

Bulova Watches Today

Bulova is one of the world’s most recognized brands, upheld by its quality and luxurious designs within the watch and clock industries.With the passage of time, Bulova introduces the first full line of men's jeweled ladies diamond wristwatches. The innovative designs of Bulova watches and timepieces set them apart from their counterparts in the market. Bulova serves the customer with finest materials, expert craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology for enduring quality and performance. Bulova offers a vast line of wristwatches – from an elegant diamond embellished watch to a contemporary career-style watch, from a sporty Marine Star watch to a day-date calendar watch to meet everyone's needs. Today, Bulova watches preserves the tradition of  manufacturing excellent design and outstanding technology that offers a diverse collection of classy timepieces for every occasion.




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