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Concord Watches Brief History and Background

Concord Watch Company was founded in 1908 in Biel Switzerland and was the first private labeled luxury watches to incorporate precious metals and gems in their watches.

After World War 1, Concord watches became famous for not only being amazing timepieces but for incredible works of art, with their jeweled platinum watches decorated by diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. It was the first "private label" certified luxury watch company to design and use precious metals and gems in their watches... (continued below)

Concord Mariner Swiss watches Concord Mariner Swiss watches


Concord Mariner Swiss watches

Concord Mariner SL Swiss Watches Concord Mariner SL Swiss Watches

Mariner SL

Concord Mariner SL Swiss watches

Concord Saratoga Swiss watches Concord Saratoga Swiss watches


Concord Saratoga Swiss watches

In 1945, U.S. President Harry Truman presents Concord Clocks to Churchill and Stalin as a token of Potsdam peace conference. They were also recognized as the first brand to design a wristwatch made of coins in 1946. They are renowed worldwide for pioneering the world's thinnest watch. 1969 saw the purchase of Concord by the Movado Group of New York. The Concord brand flourished and saw the start of an era wherein a number of Concord watch lines were introduced.

Concord Watches Major Breakthroughs and Releases

The major breakthrough in the history of the company was invention of Delirium I Watch which was the thinnest analog wristwatch with a thickness of 1.98 mm. Later they launched Delirium II which was even thinner of 1.5 mm. The Delirium III were meant for the women. In 1980, Concord launched the Mariner sports watch and in 1986 released the Concord Saratoga. which was an icon for the company even up to today. In 1992, the Concord Mariner V Centenario, a limited edition watches with exeptional complex mechanisms was released. Soon after the exhibit, the whole collection was sold for amazing sum of SFR 3.2 million.

Concord Watches Awards

In 2008, Concord won the prestigous Best Design for the Year at the "Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve". Concord Watches has always been credited for creating timepieces of exceptional beauty and craftsmanship and movements that permit a wide range of case design. The Concord timepieces speaks about there reliability and modern technology that display a highly innovative and ambitious design that is fresh, bold and incomparable.

Concord was determined to set the standard in watchmaking and their strict attention to detail, originality and performance sets them apart from the competition. Concord's impressive family of watches includes the Saratoga, La Scala, Veneto, Mariner.




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