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Ball Watches History

The origination of Ball watches is very closely linked to the American railroad expansion in the late 19th and early 20th century, bringing a line of collectible railroad watches. Born in Ohio in 1847, Webster Clay Ball, more commonly known as Webb C. Ball, a jeweler and watchmaker, is the founder of Ball Watches. When Standard Time was first adopted nationwide, Ball was one of the first to use time signals for more accurate readings. . .(continued below)

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The Start of Ball Watches

It started with a train wreck, quite literally. A collison between two mail railroad trains in Ohio made officials realize that they were lacking something important: watch and time standards. Two trains were crossing paths that were never supposed to hit each other simultaneously if time had been kept right. Due to one engineer's watch running a few minutes behind, simple miscalculations happened, and no one realized that they didn't have ample time to let the other train pass. Instead, the two trains caused a tragedy that left eight dead. In the wake of this, Webb C Ball was quickly appointed Chief Inspector to perfect Time and Watch conditions that would prevent another incident.

Watchmakers were quickly sent to check railroad watches under Ball's guidance. He set strict standards for the watches: variations by even 30 seconds were forbidden! These standards were accepted and respected, as well as successful on a broader scale, giving Ball due credit when it comes to time keeping becoming more uniformed. This system kept inspection of watches at a precise level, guaranteeing safe time telling.

Ball Watches Success

While Ball Company did not manufacture watches directly, they paired with other respectable watch companies and used their movements, such as Elgin National Watch Company and Waltham Watch Company. These companies complied with the strict guidelines set by Webb Ball, who used their movements, but perfected them in the accuracy of time keeping. Specifications were developed for railroad watches under Ball's guidance to manufacture reliable pieces, as well as power reserve, and magnetism resistance. Ball Watches are most known for their railroad chronometers, which is one of the more strictly monitored time keeping pieces.

Ball Watches Influences Today

Ball's motto is most representative of its watches and history: "Since 1891, accuracy under adverse conditions" - referencing the mail train incident that introduced a need for stricter and accurate timekeeping. Criteria for certification in COSC Officially Certified Chronometer in present day watches are still based on Webb C. Ball's standards. Ball Watch Company continues to be respected and popular railroad brand because of its updates to keep up with consumers without straying away from its foundation of accurate time keeping. Details and accuracy are vital to Ball watches, and over a hundred years, has been well known and respected in the market for being one that has succeeded under adversity, and will help the watch wearer persevere as well.



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